About me

I am a Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University. I specialize in Philosophy of Science.

Scientists have assembled a remarkably sophisticated engine of discovery. How does this engine work? What methods contribute to its power and its reliability? What is it about these methods that enables them to make such contributions? How did they evolve through the historical development of humans' efforts to investigate their world? What is it about humans and their social organization that makes these methods suitable for us to use? How can and should we understand and utilize the results of scientific inquiry?

These are the questions that fascinate me and to which I devote much of my time. In pursuit of them I often employ a historical perspective. I have been especially interested in the interplay between experiment and theory in physics. My interest in these issues has also led me to spend time reflecting on debates in the philosophy of statistics.

I am the treasurer and a co-founder of the Saint Louis Area Philosophy of Science Association.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

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